Obstacle Course


  1. No horses are permitted to be brought into the ring at any time throughout the competition prior to the riders official call to ride the course.
  2. All riders must wear their assigned competitor’s number.
  3. All riders must wear protective head gear on the course.
  4. It is the responsibility of each rider to monitor your position in the order of riders to ensure you are ready to go when called into the ring. Failing to be at the gate when you are called may constitute automatic withdrawal from the class.
  5. No two horses will work the same set of obstacles at any time.
  6. All obstacles will be judged on how well the rider and horse complete the obstacle. You may receive a maximum of ten points, calculated in tenths, for each obstacle.
  7. Once your horse shows or displays refusal to complete an obstacle, you will have twenty seconds to recover and complete the obstacle. If this is not done, the judge will direct you to move to the next obstacle. If you are asked to move to the next obstacle, please do so immediately as your score has been determined  and your time at the next obstacle may begin.
  8. Once an obstacle is completed, the judge will direct you to move to the next obstacle.
  9. A judge may dismiss a rider from the ring at any time he feels it is in the best interest of the 2011 NAPEC to do so.
  10. No horse is permitted to compete with any device used to restrict vision or muffle sound or is under the influence of any drug which could improve performance or allow them to gain an unfair advantage over other competitors.
  11. In the event of a tie score between riders that are to receive an award, the tie will be broken by the rider with the best time on the course.
  12. There is a maximum of six minutes to complete the course. Any rider who exceeds six minutes, will be directed to leave the course and will receive a zero for any incomplete obstacles.
  13. Riders will ride one horse only in all events. Horses may not be shared.