Mounted Police Memorial Week And Competition

2023 Event Information

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer stabling at Rosecroft Race Track. We have relocated to Frying Pan Park where ALL stabling and training will occur. Also we are combining the Memorial and NAPEC competition which will be held on May 16th and 17th. Participation is not required for both events, registration is available for either individual or both events. Stabling and Facility Fee for LEM ONLY is $250. Fee for NAPEC Competition is $350 and includes participating in LEM as an option if you choose to do so. Registration Forms must be completed. There is a 70 rider cutoff for the Competition. Banquet room is limited.

All reservations must be made ASAP. The hotel cannot guarantee that there will be rooms left after April 12th to guarantee the rate of $129.00 per night + tax.

When making your reservations tell them you are with NAPEC

Block Code: NAPEC
Embassy Suits
13341 Woodland Park Rd.
Herndon Va. 20171
703 464 0200

Click here for reservations.

Report directly to Frying Pan Park and check in upon your arrival. There are sufficient stalls for everyone. In order that we can keep track of how many horses we will be stabling you need to reserve your stall(s). Contact Pat Berkery at
(215) 313-8373. You must e-mail with the number of horses needing stalls and the name of everyone who will be riding in the training and ceremonies.

Frying Pan Park is located off Rt. 28 and Frying Pan Rd. (Dulles Airport) from Rt. 28 take Frying Pan Rd. to Rt. 657 App. 2 miles turn right to W. Ox Rd. turn right park is app. ½ mile on your left.

For those who have a combination RV/Trailer Parking is available at the park during your stay but there is no water or electric hook ups and no dump station, there is a trailer park with all hook ups app. 4 miles from the park.

All horses must have adequate non-slippery shoes. Have your horse(s) shod prior to coming to Washington, DC.

A farrier will be available if needed. The farrier does not guarantee immediate service.

Medical/Health Certificate required for horses arriving from out of the country. All U.S. participants need only provide a Coggins and must accompany each individual horse(s). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! Bring a copy of your Coggins that you can leave we will not be responsible for the originals. Rosecroft Raceway will have a veterinarian available for emergencies only.

You are expected to provide sufficient bedding, hay and feed during your trip and stay in Washington, DC. Hay and shavings will be available for purchase at the park.

Please have hay net(s), feed and water bucket(s) along with safe hanging devices for the stalls.

The cost per stall is $250.00 for the week.

You are expected to strip your stall(s) prior to your departure. You will be charged $30.00 per stall if not stripped.

Bring an information sheet to leave and hang in the stall(s) for your horse(s). If there is an emergency, this information sheet will assist us in contacting you or your agency.

Firearms can be carried on/off duty while in Washington, DC. Please adhere to your departmental policy in the use and carry of your weapon. ALL WEAPONS MUST BE KEPT SECURE AT ALL TIMES.

May 12, 2023 check in at Frying Pan park stalls will be available.

May 13, 2023 there will be training at the park at 09:00 am and finish at 14:00

May 13, 2023 we have also been invited to participate in the candle light vigil. Anyone interested must contact us before their arrival. The detail will be class A uniform. We will leave Frying Pan Park at 17:00 hours and return approximately 22:30 hours (times are approximate and subject to change).

May 14, 2023 there will be a mounted training at the track starting at 09:00 hours. There will be a barbecue in the barn area at the park after the training starting at approximately 6:00 PM all are invited.

May 15, 2023 due to early morning racetrack activities and morning rush hour, everyone must be ready to depart Frying Pan Park by 07:00 hours. Everyone will be escorted to the Polo Fields N.W. Washington DC staging area.

May 15, 2023 we will do our downtown ride after the memorial service at the Capitol.

If you are not staying for the competition you must vacate Frying Pan Park by 16:00 hours on May 15th. STALL (S) MUST BE STRIPPED. Arrangements can be made to stay longer if needed by contacting NAPEC.

If you are staying for the competition you must leave the park by 12:00 on May 18th.

Checks are to be made payable to “NAPEC Inc.” All contributions can be mailed to the following address:

Law Enforcement Memorial
10748 Gravel Rd
Brandy Station, Va. 22714